For the past few years I’ve wanted to elevate a few illustration projects into the third dimension, and with my recent venture into industrial design I found a way. Most people call them art toys or designer toys but I like to think of them as sculptures or collectibles of my work. With the ipad I’m able to create while commuting to the studio which is helping a lot, and is also keeping the fire burning. So basically what I’m doing is taking several characters I created over the course of my career, recreating them in 3D giving them a full body and more life, then 3d printing a version to then make a resin copy of. The images below show a little of what I’m writing about. There is still a lot of work to be done but so far I’m enjoying all the mistakes being made and the lessons learned along the way. Also, to whomever is reading this, I will post updates on all art projects every Monday. I haven’t focused on my blog in a decade but I feel it’ll help me stay on track and focus on the goal.