Born in Philadelphia, and having traversed the globe, I’ve been fortunate to immerse myself in diverse cultures, shaping a unique perspective that permeates my character, and is reflected in the varied tapestry of my artistic expression. The journey began in 2000 in San Antonio, Texas, marking my inaugural solo exhibition, and since then, my works have graced both solo and group showcases across the United States, including notable exhibitions in New Jersey and New York City.

From an early age, I embraced my inner muse, allowing creative visions to flow organically. Living and traveling worldwide afforded me the chance to connect with people of myriad cultures and races, a diversity that intricately weaves its way into the fabric of my art. Returning to the East Coast after a period, my artistic style defies regional confines, transcending boundaries with its universal appeal.

Unlike some artists constrained by the pursuit of a livelihood, for me, art is more than a means to earn a living; it’s a medium to authentically express life – a life marked by reflections born from pain, suffering, love, life, death, hope, and redemption.