Whenever I hit a creative block I go back to basics but I also attempt to learn something new. It’s no secret I’m colorblind and, as a result, creating with a strong color palette has always been my weakness. So lately, I’ve been learning how to properly shade my work and work in colors later. This is still somewhat of a challenge but that’s what makes it exciting. On a previous trip to the art store I came across this bottle of sepia and decided to take a shot and possibly develop a series of drawings or one or two really great pieces. From this study, I had no idea it would take me back to learning from the master painters who used to use dark brown instead of black or the fact that even though its tonal or lacking color will not take away the emotion of the drawing; as long as the moment is properly captured and executed it will still have power. From this little bottle of paint I was able to create the collection of work below.