Frequently Asked Questions…

How do I purchase original artwork?
Send a message via the Contact page of this site to access available artwork, I also post exhibition info on the blog page.

Do you do commissioned paintings?
Yes, when time permits.

I’ve seen your artwork on shirts before. Where can I pick up some?

That depends, I’ve done commissions in the past for several apparel brands so you would need to contact that brand for purchasing that graphic. I do not handle the sales for any project I’ve worked on for a company. Check to see what’s available.

Will you draw a custom tattoo design for me?

Will you design my album cover for my band?
Possibly. Send a message via the Contact page or email me directly to

What city do you represent?
None. Though I currently reside in one of the artistic “capitals” of the world – New York City, I still have a strong fondness for the culture and movements brewing all over the globe. With that said I still choose to represent raw urban artistic talent, rather than limiting myself to a geographic region.

Did you go to Art School?
No, Though I feel all great artists must be students of art who constantly evolve this does not necessarily come merely from formal training. My talents stem primarily from a passion for greatness though I have had some formal training merely to channel my artistic flow.

What inspires you?
Graffiti, cartoons from the 80’s, women, kids, tattoos, ukiyo-e prints, everyday life in America. I gather inspiration from anything especially the web, endless resources.

Where has your creative journey taken you so far?
Everywhere! I made up my mind at seventeen to become a full time working artist and since then I exceed that goal and crushed a few others. Along the journey I had the pleasure of meeting and working with some of the most talented and creative people I could of imagined and learning in the process.

If I send you one of the gi’s you designed, will you sign it and send it back to me?

Can I come to your studio?
No, my cat wouldn’t like that.