(Photo: Stephen Gomez)
John Smalls, originally a native of Philadelphia though early travels also offered him the opportunity to call the West Coast home is in many ways the “physical embodiment of raw urban artistic talent in its purest form”. At an early age he embraced his inner muse and allowed his artistic visions to flow freely. John has lived and traveled throughout the world allowing him the opportunity to meet and grow with people of vast cultures and races all of which becomes more and more evident in the diversity found within his artistic expressions. After traveling the world and cultivating a worldly urban distinctive style, Mr. Smalls has returned to the East Coast though his style continues to transcend any regional limitations placed upon him. Some artists find themselves limited in the mediums of expression due to the confines of attempting to “earn a living” whereas for John art is more than simply a means of earning a living but rather a medium to express true living – A life filled with artistic expressions manifested from pain, suffering, love, life, death, hope and redemption. John Smalls is a true visionary who utilizes pure artistic energy to create true masterpieces.

Mission Statement
I create art to show emotions that are hard for me to share or speak. I feel that art is life and life is art that they coexist with one another. From our way of living to our fashion and technologies are influenced by artistic representation. I choose art to express my thoughts and views on life and the social economy in which I was raised. I work with acrylic paints, gouache and sumi inks to capture quick movements of the brush to get out what it is I am feeling at the moment of creation. Art is not always pretty but it is hard to get out of my system. Life, people and the different cultures I have the pleasure of interacting with on a daily basis have been a major influence in the way I create art.

Solo & Group Exhibitions
2014 Journey through Jiu Jitsu, Space Gallery, Long Island City, NY
2007 Visual Slang: The Modern Urban Imagination, Abrons Arts Center / Henry Street Settlement, New York, NY
2006 Touch and Feel: Messin’ with the high and low, Red Saw Gallery, Newark, NJ
2006 ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, Weston Hall Gallery at the New Jersey School of Architecture, Newark, NJ
2006 THE ASTERIX ART PROJECT, Brooklyn, New York
2005 Expectations,The Paul Robeson Cultural Center Rutgers University, New Jersey
2005 Arthouse Highland Park Arts Festival, New Brunswick, NJ
2004 3rd Annual B.A.R.C. Shelter Art Show & Auction Grand Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2004 Hip Hop Political Convention Art and Resistance Show, Newark, NJ
2004 Hip Hop Appreciation Week, New York, NY
2004 San Antonio Cultural Arts Huevos Rancheros Gala, San Antonio, TX
2001 Films on I.C.E. Preview 2 San Antonio, TX
2001 Black Out (A Groove Essential Production), Austin, TX
2001 Beat Kitchen Festival of Hip Hop at Bruno’s Art Space, San Antonio, TX
2001 SA Town Poetry Slam, San Antonio, TX
2001 First Friday Art Exhibition at the Ellis Bean Art Space, San Antonio, TX
2001 3rd Annual Mad Media Manifesto Exhibition San Antonio, TX
2000 Eye Con and Will Exhibition at the Art Asylum San Antonio, TX